The Man and I were talking the other day.  Actually, I had asked him a leading question (poor man), “Do you ever get tired of me being around and just need a break once in a while?”  Ok, now that I type it, I see the absolute unfairness of that question.  I mean, how in the world is he supposed to answer?  In my defense, I had listened to a program about newlyweds dealing with that topic on Focus on the Family, and I wanted to know…

…his reply, “Ummmmmm, maybe, but I can’t think off the top of my head a time that it’s happened.”  He should be a politician ’cause the answer satisfied me.  Then he asked me the same thing.  You know, I can’t think of a time at all either.  We both agree that our not needing a break from each other is maybe due to our built in absences that are a part of daily life…maybe.

Every third day, my man works twenty-four hours.  (Yes, he can sleep during that time.)  It works very well for our lives, but the nights that he’s gone, I think it plain ol’ stinks (especially on the weekends).  But instead of boo-hooing about it, I should see it as a blessing of absence.

As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  I told The Man I didn’t know how my heart could grow any fonderer, so I’m still not convinced that the lack of absence would be a bad thing.  But such is our life; it works for us; and that’s a blessing.