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Monthly Archives: January 2015

I am a girl.  People’s words change my mood.  Case in point, I came to work today in a perfectly good mood.  One of the guys at work then told me it looked like I had painted my jeans on.  “Hahaha!” he guffaws and then asked if it was difficult to get them all the way up.

My mood changed.

But I have a better story.  Sometimes grown up people can be stupid and insensitive (even men who should know not to comment on females’ weight).  But yesterday, it was a little man who made my day and changed my mood with his words…two words.


I was rushing around in the normal Wednesday manner.  Wednesdays are not bad, just busy.  I work until early afternoon, teach piano until early evening, go home for supper and a quick spin around and then usually attend church at night.  I wasn’t in a bad mood yesterday, far from it.  It was just the normal Wednesday busy.

I had finished piano and was walking out to the car talking to my sister.  My two nephews were toting things to the car for me, and we all stopped there to finish the conversation before I left.  Seven year old Caleb stood near me.


Totally engrossed in my conversation with Christy, I blurted out, “Oh, and I sold two more things on Etsy today!”  Caleb stood near me.  And he said with little man enthusiasm, “Good job!”

Good job.  Why those two words meant so much to me, I don’t really know.  But I literally have tears running down my cheeks now thinking about it.  (I might still be emotional over being told I was fat today, who knows.)  Anyway, a little man, kind of being ignored while his aunt and mom chatted, was excited for me.

And he told me, “Good job.”



The Man-of-My-Dreams and I celebrated our second anniversary yesterday.  We both agreed that it has been the best two years of our lives, and, yes, I’m sure that most mushy, gushy couples say that.  It just happens to be true.


Now, I sometimes wonder if I should worry that we’ve never done anything big for our anniversaries (all two of them).  We travel and do exciting stuff other times, but when January 25 rolls around, it’s just kind of “Eh.”  I see pictures of people going to Mexico or Hawaii and stuff for their anniversary.  I told Caleb that I don’t want to never doing anything, but I say “I sometimes wonder if I should worry…” because it doesn’t bother me at all.

This month just happened to be also when we did our “no-spend month” (more on that later).  But we did make an exception (gifts were already budgeted months ago, so that didn’t count).  Our exception was $15 set aside so we could splurge on…Taco Bell.  Hey, when you haven’t eaten out all month, Taco Bell is quite the treat.

I’m serious!


Since it was Sunday, we went to practice with our little Cherub Choir in the evening and then went to our much anticipated supper.  Then we went to my (deserted) work to watch the last four episodes of The Amazing Race that we had missed.  Yes, not only did we eat Taco Bell for our anniversary supper but we spent a free evening watching stuff on the internet at my work ’cause we’re too cheap to buy our own internet.  (And, yes, my work allows it, no prob.)  And for dessert, we ate Greek yogurt we brought from home.  ‘Twas good!


Some might laugh, but I say it was one of the best dates we’ve had.  Me ‘n’ My Man doing what we love…together.

I grew up with a dad that would eat pretty much anything.  The man is a gem when it comes to food.  He ain’t picky.  The more I learn, the more I realize it’s something NOT to be taken for granted.

(Thankfully, God blessed me with another man who also is not picky about food.)

Well, this morning, I decided to fry myself an egg for breakfast.  I have issues with fried eggs.  It drives me batty.  No matter how hard I try, most of the time the yolk breaks (I like them over easy), or it burns or something.  This morning, the problem was that I didn’t leave it on long enough and the white was runny.  *blech*  I sat at the table with the egg on my plate and muttered, “I can’t do this.”  Across the room Caleb asked, “What?”  I replied, “I just can’t eat this runny egg.”

IMG_0953via A Canadian Foodie

The egg this morning reminded me of a time I cooked dad supper back when I lived at home.  Though dad isn’t picky, he can’t cook a.single.thing unless it can be done on the grill.  So, I cooked supper that night.  My choice of meal was breakfast.

Now, we like breakfast for supper.  We like breakfast for supper far better than breakfast for breakfast.  It was one of our go-to meals at home.  Since mom wasn’t there to save me, I had to buck up and attempt fried eggs by myself.  Determined not to over cook, burn or break the yolk, I took them out of the skillet early, proudly brought the plate of fried eggs and all other food to the table and sat down with dad.

We ate.  Dad was quiet.

Never did he complain.  But after I picked through a runny mixture of barely cooked egg, I piped up, “Ummm, you don’t have to eat it.”  He was trying, poor man.  He was trying.  But at that, he broke into a huge, sheepish grin and kind of laughed.  And neither one of us ate the eggs.

But he didn’t complain, and he would have eaten it.  And for a daughter cooking her dad a meal, that’s something I’ll always remember.

(Oh, and Caleb came to my rescue this morning and fried me another egg.)  And that’s the story of my men and the fried eggs.

I do happy dances when a three day weekend is approaching.  Literally.  I go up to the front of our office to my co-worker friend and do a happy dance.  Three day weekends are the life…


HA!  Three day weekends in my life are remodel boot camp.  So I says to My Man Friday night, “I think I’ll tear down the lath and plaster wall tomorrow when you’re at work.”  Never say those words to your man.  Never.  You will regret it.


But, I am mostly glad that I did it, for that meant less work to get through on Monday (our third day of the weekend).  Thankfully, The Man was there on Monday too.


We were tired.  Dead beat, doggone, bone tired.  But our kitchen demolition is coming!  We now…

~Have holes in the wall that you can see to the outside.


~Are re-heating food in the microwave located in the family room

~Getting food from the frig in the dining room.


~Cooking on and in an electric skillet, electric burner and toaster oven wherever we can find a spot cleared – sometimes in the “kitchen,” sometimes in the laundry room, sometimes in the dining room


~Getting dishes and food from the laundry room

~Doing our dishes and anything that requires water in the bathroom


And guess what!  We love it all.


So, currently we don’t have internet at home except for our phones.  Actually, we’ve never really had internet at home.  (Dark ages, I know.)  I am at work all day, everyday, so most of the stuff that I need to do on the internet, I can do there.  (And, yes, I have an awesome cool job that allows me to do stuff like that.)  When Caleb needs the internet, which is rarely, he goes to the library or takes his laptop to work.  (Yes, he has an awesome cool job where he can do that too.)

There is one exception, one tragic exception.  For reasons unknown, my work has blocked Pinterest access.  And adding pins from your phone is just plain, silly and annoying.  So, whenever I come across something pin-worthy, I add it to a very long list in an email draft.  It’s been quite a few months this has been going on, and it’s a very.long.list.


So, last night, My Man was out with some friends, so I decided to go to the library and Pinterest away.  I grabbed some coffee from Starbucks (yes, our library is very bring-your-coffee-and-sit).  Aaaaaaah, it was heaven.  Seeing all those pretty pictures.  I actually call Pinterest “work” because it’s ideas, recipes and generally good advice that we actually use day to day for remodeling, cooking, switching to natural beauty products and such.  But it is anything but work.

starbucks-coffee-e1335800771163Photo credit:  Starbucks

And that brings me to the people watching part of the title.  Have you been to the library computer lab lately?  Maybe it’s just people in general, and I should get out more, but MAN, people are WEIRD.  I mean W.E.I.R.D.  It didn’t bother me, no, not by a long shot.  It amused me greatly as I sipped my coffee and pinned on Pinterest.  Listening to conversations between people and conversations of people to themselves.  It’s almost as good as people watching at Walmart!

Needless, to say, I enjoyed my time very much.  I think this library computer thing might become a habit.