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Monthly Archives: February 2015

I love having people in my life with whom I can share exciting news.  Mostly it’s to My Man that I send texts IN ALL CAPS TO CONVEY MY EXCITEMENT!!!  The guys is wonderful to encourage and share in the joy.

But sometimes, sometimes you need an old, like minded friend to text because you know that friend will REPLY IN ALL CAPS!!!!

So, when I texted Carrie the picture of our grungy, old wood floor in the kitchen that has been buried under six layers of other flooring for over 100 years, I said, “HELLO, is that not the most authentic, worn wood floor look ever?!?!”  She replied, “I LOVE that!  You can’t get that awesome of a finish if you paid thousands.”


And I knew right then and there, that even though I might be crazy for wanting to keep bunged up floors just the way they are, at least I have my crazy, longtime friend on my side.



Today when I got to work, my (female) co-workers and I started talking about how a doughnut sounded so yummy.  One of my friends said, “Hey, _________ (male co-worker) is not here yet.  We should text him and ask if he’s late because he’s at the doughnut shop. *Hint, hint*”  So she did.  And we had hopes of this male co-worker bringing doughnuts out of the goodness of his heart.

But he didn’t.

He came in with stories of being at the phone store and his phone crashing and such.  And no doughnuts came with him.  *sigh*

I just couldn’t stop thinking about those delectable, gooey treats though.  When you get your heart set on something, it’s hard to forget it.  So, I went around to everyone and asked if they wanted a doughnut because I was making a run to the doughnut shop.

And our male co-worker said, “Why didn’t you ask me to pick some up?  I was right there.”  Ummmmm………….my female co-workers and I looked at each other.  We did?

Apparently, hinting is not asking.  I do it all the time to My Man, and my female co-worker friend said she does it at home too.  I say, “Boy, this floor is getting dirty.  Someone should vacuum” or “Man, this movie sounds good.”

Finally, after a little slight pouting and telling My Man that he wasn’t doing his fair share of vacuuming or watching my movies led us to the conversation that I have to ASK in plain words and not HINT around.  I thought it was the same.

But, our male co-worker (who ended up paying for the doughnuts) confirmed this.  Men do NOT PICK UP ON HINTS.  So, when marriage gurus say communication is key, it’s not YOUR communication that you should focus on, it’s your spouse’s.  And let me TELL you in plain words, hinting just doesn’t cut it for the men.

Whew.  Glad I got that lesson out of the way.

And the doughnuts were delectable.

Our family has always gotten into the big finale of sports competitions.  We may not keep up with the whole season of something, but come the World Series, the Olympics and March Madness, we are all about it.  Well, of course, the Superbowl is no exception.

Throughout the years, I’ve had Superbowl parties and gone to Superbowl parties.  I’ve watched it sometimes by myself, many times with my parents and sometimes with friends and other family.  I’ve watched it in an airport and in a bus barn.  But this year was a new one.  This year I watched the Superbowl at My Man’s fire station.  ‘Twas a memory.


Seeing that The Man had to work, his captain, said that I was welcome to join them for the evening.  The fire department is ALL about family.  And Caleb is especially close to this group of guys, so I know them pretty well.

You hear about firehouse food.  Yeah, it was pretty much that good.  I didn’t know the smells of freshly made buffalo wings and freshly baked brownies could mingle so well, but, ooooohhhh, do they EVERY mingle well.  And My Man’s guacamole and my Starbucks drink topped it all off.  Strange combination, but goooooood.

They only got one call during the game, which was nice because I get to go along with them.  And seeing The Man in his fire fightin’ gear being all sexy and stuff (yes, mom, I said that word; but, boy, is it ever appropriate!).  Anyway, it was a short medical call, so no biggie.

We sat around and ate and watched the most awesome finish to a Superbowl game I’ve ever seen!  Yes, the game at the firehouse was one to remember, for sure.