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Monthly Archives: February 2014

For years and years, I have had slight “back problems.”  I can’t think of why my back hurts – I mean, you should be able to grow up building fences, lifting sheet rock and throwing hay bales, right?  What a ninny my back is.

(In light of Dad’s horrendous back problems and surgery, mine is really not even worth mentioning.  Buuut, when your back hurts evenly slightly, it still hurts.)

Thankfully, Mom has often been able to get it in place in with a method our chiropractor taught us and with a super duper back vibrator.  When she couldn’t I went to the chiropractor.  I loved that chiropractor, but then she got a little weird, and then she got a lot weird, and then me lovey my chiropractor no more.

Seeing that dad had a couple HORRIBLE experiences with chiropractors (think mad scientist who keeps in his desk drawer a piece of metal from his dead brother-in-law’s back surgery), then I was a little leery about going to a new chiropractor.


Lo and behold, Christy gave me a “free referral coupon” to their chiropractor.  *cue angels singing*  Perfect timing, ’cause the ol’ back was throwing a hitch in my giddy up as Grandpa used to say.

Going to a non-weird-old-lady-chiropractor or a chiropractor who doesn’t keep pieces of his dead brother-in-law in the desk drawer is such a blessing.  To go there and not have to pay because of a referral coupon?  *now cue ME singing*

Aaaaand that brings me to the second part of my blessings today.  I went home after the end of a long work day and a short visit to the chiropractor, as one extremely tired person.  You see, that stupid back had not let me stay in bed past 4:45 two mornings ago, and stupid Zumba had not let me stay in bed past 5:20 that morning.  I resolved I would do nothing but sit on the couch and eat and read and watch TV and not feel bad (it was my night alone).

So I sat on the couch and ate and watched TV and…then resolved to take a nap before reading.  Yeah, I went to bed at 7:00 last night and only briefly woke up once before 6:00 this morning.

‘Twas glory.  Pure glory.


Early on in my quest to replacing expensive, store bought products with simple yet effective homemade solutions, I ran across the “Oil Cleansing Method.”  It was so simple, so effective and so cheap!  I think that’s what sold me on the idea that I could manufacture many personal products in my very own kitchen.

It’s the Oil Cleansing Method and is exactly what it sounds like – using oil to clean your face.  (Come to think of it, Mom used to use baby oil for makeup remover.  Hmmm, could this be a tried and true method from before Pinterest days?)  Yes, I know the idea is crazy…the whole idea behind the cleansers is to remove oil, but did you know that oil effectively fights oil?  Aaaand, if you remove too much oil from your face, then your face gets back at you by producing MORE OIL.


I was skeptical at first, but since it was so easy, I decided to try it.  Now, several years later, I am several dollars richer (from not having to buy cleansers) and much, much happier.  Here’s the recipe:

Facial Cleanser/Makeup Remover

Olive Oil

Castor Oil (I buy it from Amazon here)

Small bottle

I mix 2/3 olive oil (you can use other oils like jojoba, sunflower, etc) and 1/3 castor oil.  The castor oil cleanses; the olive oil moisturizes.  Dampen wash cloth with hot water.  Moisten face, use about a quarter-size amount of oil, and wash off with wash cloth, letting the wash cloth rest on your face for several seconds to steam your face.

Yep, that’s it!  Depending on your face type, you can experiment and change the ratio or type of oil for more or less moisturizing/cleansing.  (If you really want to learn more about it, this is a good article.  She says never to use olive oil.  I’ve never had a problem, but everybody’s different.)

Seriously, this is soooo simple, soooooo effective and sooooo cheap – it makes me one very happy girl!

It’s downright amazing how many little things in life I take for granted…that is, until they’re gone.  Ok, some of the things I take for granted are not so little.  Like good health.  So many people don’t have it, but I take it for granted.

But some of the things that I take for granted are really, REALLY little, yet they mean so much.

Case in point.  Did you know there’s a little button thing on your seat belt strap that keeps the buckle from sliding way down to the floor?  Oh, yes there is.  And when that little button gets broken, you have to reach waaaaaay down to the back floor between the side of the front seat in order to fish out the buckle every.single.time.  I would just say “Phooey on the whole buckle thing,” but my car has an annoying little bell that tells you to buckle up.  (I hate seat belts and annoying little car bells that tell you what to do.)  Anyway, little buttons on seat belt straps are very, VERY handy little things to have.

seat belt stop installed

And, yes, hot water is nice, and I’m thankful for it, but I’ve never really thought a lot about COLD water.  Yes, after springing a leak in the kitchen faucet, the cold water in the kitchen is now off.  Not a big deal if you hurry to get all your cold water out of the hot water side before it heats up, but cold water is a very, VERY good thing.


And speaking of kitchen, I never was thankful for a dishwasher – not ever in my life.  That is because I never, ever had the pleasure of living with a dishwasher (the automated kind).  Yes, growing up in a farmhouse with no extra cabinet space does have its downside.  Well, we finally got our dishwasher hooked up and running a couple months ago.  It wasn’t hard, I just hadn’t lived with the pleasure, so living without the pleasure wasn’t a big deal.   THESE THINGS ARE uhMAYZING!!!!  Why didn’t anyone tell me before????


(And, yes, I haven’t quite made it to living in this century – or the last century, for that matter.  I’m trying to catch up.)

So, today, I am thankful for the little things that I never really think of.


This semester, Caleb is taking a college class titled “Men and Masculinities.” Be still my fluttering heart – all those masculine men!

Exceeeept that’s it’s not.  It should be titled “Those Bad, Bad Masculine Men” or “All Those Men You Just Thought Were Masculine.”  Yes, the teacher’s very first example of a man who was forced to portray masculinity by society but who REALLY WAS NOT MASCULINE was…(are you ready for this?)…JOHN WAYNE.  Apparently, John Wayne was actually more feminine than masculine because he a.) Liked to wear nice suits, b.) Didn’t ride horses in his free time and c.) His real name was Marion (which is a feminine name).

Careful of that fancy suit there, John, errr, I mean Marion

Careful of that fancy suit there, John, errr, I mean Marion

I Kid.You.Not.

I’m thinkin’ that if John Wayne is the best argument you have for feminine men, you have got a serious problem. 19463-John-Wayne

I feel sorry for these people who go out of their way to de-masculinate men.  (If de-masculinate were actually a word.)  *sigh*  Because it’s so VERY nice to have men around, especially super sexy, masculine men.


Case in point (or several cases in point):

        ~ I hate putting my car in the garage.  It’s not difficult.  I just hate it.  Therefore, I pull into the driveway and park.  The next morning…

                    …it’s just happened that my car is nicely put away in the garage.

       ~ I often accidentally leave my keys in the front door.  I did it while living in Washington, DC, and, I guess, I still do it.  I wouldn’t really know because…

                     …it’s just happened that my keys are in my purse later.

        ~ I always forget my phone.  Always.  But I don’t have to anymore because…

                    …it’s just happened that my phone is in my purse when I get to work or on my nightstand when I go to bed.

        ~ I get up at 5:30 twice a week to go to Zumba.  I whine and cry about “getting up so early when I’m so tiiIIIIIiiired.”  But it only takes me 10 minutes to get ready because…

                    …it’s just so happened that my water bottle is by the door, my phone is in my purse and my car is warming up by the curb.


And these are just a few, very small things amongst many.

Could I do all these things myself and be a strong, independent, “I don’t need a man” woman?  Sure.  But, seriously, what is the fun in that?

Some days just end up being spent surfing the wonderful world wide web and drooling.  I had work to do, but I always have work to do.  All I wanted to do was drool and get ideas for new projects.  Just what I needed, right?

Well, whether I needed it or not, I did it.  I didn’t covet while I drooled, so I think that makes it ok.  I just got ideas about what I wanted to do, and ideas are GOOD!  So, therefore, I think it was time well spent.

So, since I’m running out of time, and all that’s on my mind are the wonderful pictures and blogs and ideas I ran across, then I’m going to share them.  They are blessings, after all.

~ I love the mirror.  And this is the color of our family room, so I’m keeping my eyes out for a mirror on the cheap.

centsational-girl-bed-linens via

See below?  Ok, ignore the legs hanging from the ceiling.  I’m talking about the paint.  The mirror would look great.


I am SOOOOOO doing this coffee table for the front room.  It’s made out of wood pallets.  Aaaand notice the color of the walls and the mirror?  Thinkin’ I’m on a theme here.


These curtains are what I want to do in the family room.  Can’t seem to find just the right fabric, but I’ll keep searching!


I am scouring Craigslist for a sectional sofa like this one.  We want a sectional for the family room because it’s a big room made for lotsa people, and when we have lotsa people over, they end up sitting on the floor.  Yes, I found one about a month ago that was perfect.  It was also sold.  Side note:  when you sell something on Craigslist, take it off, please.  Otherwise you get people excited just to dash their hopes.


What an amazing idea!  You can transfer your own photo to wood.  This project must be tried by me.


This project has been on my to-do list ever since we finished the front room.  It’s on my weekend to-do list too.  (Do you suppose I tend to over commit the to-do list?)


Anyway, the wood projects are for the front room that hasn’t ever been completed in the decorating process.  I’m inspired, and have some ideas on how to use the above ideas.

Gotta run!  I’m off to pick up some free wood pallets from Craigslist and buy some casters wheels.  I’m inspired, and I’m doing somethin’ about it.