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Monthly Archives: June 2014

A last minute, after-church get together.

Filling the restaurant party room.

Pizza and pop and chocolate bread sticks.

Family, young and not so young, crowded around.

Gut busting laughter…Dad cracking himself up.

Memories…sometimes they’re not convenient, but they’re always worth it.




My Man works hard.  And that’s what I’m grateful for today.

He not only works hard physically, but he’s willing to work hard mentally.  He’s continuing his college classes this summer, like always.  This week has been especially taxing (though he probably would not describe it as such).  But he had three tests.  Three tests in one week of summer school in which everything is crammed into a shorter semester…’tisn’t fun.  ‘Tisn’t fun a-tall.


So, all day long when he isn’t saving the city as a firefighter – all day long he’s been studying.  And studying and books and school – he’s good at it, and he’s smart, but that just isn’t his thing.  But he does it, and I’m grateful and thankful and proud.


In my mind, I (or we) should be able to start a project and finish it one week later – you know, like the shows on HGTV.  And when a room is still “in process” five months in, and we can’t even get to the work on it because of crazy life, I start to whine.  And I’m discontent.  And I wonder, “What is WRONG with us?!?!”  I want our space to look like this…


…instead of like this.


And then God brings a blog across my path.  And a post that makes me stop and remember…HGTV is not real. (click to read) (Well, I mean, it’s sort of real, but it’s not REAListic.)

So, I read the post this morning, and it blessed my socks off.  I might just read those same words every morning as a reminder that life is not about the destination…it’s about the journey.  And every part of this imperfect life is just perfect.



First of all, the Wichita Vintage Market Days was super fun.  Now when I say “super fun,” it reminds me of pie-in-the-sky Facebook or blog posts that make me discontent with my life and want to have the “super fun” of whoever is posting.  So, I’ll give a disclaimer here…”super fun” does NOT mean that it was without stress, without bone rattling weariness, without some disappointment or without more sweat than you want to hear about in places you DEFINITELY don’t want to hear about.

So.  That’s my disclaimer.  Glad I got it off my chest.


The profit from the sale wasn’t  spectacular and it wasn’t horrible.  It was juuuuust right, Goldilocks.  It was good enough to make us glad we did it, but not good enough to rush out and do another show.  HOWEVER, seeing that the show was in a metal horse barn with a dirt floor in the middle of mid-90 degree weather for three days, juuuuuust right is a lot better than it could have been.


We saw a lot of friends come through and our family supported us incredibly.  Our sweet dad even tried to get into the salesman role when he was there, just to help us sell more.  Haha.


Our mother showed up quite a few times to see how we were doing and tried her hand at moving our wares along.  Her approach was more subtle than dad’s though.  She knows what makes a shopper want something…have another shopper appear interested in it.  So, she “shopped” in our booth, looking over pieces that other people were looking at.

And the husbands, the dear sweet husbands visited and loaded and unloaded and carried all our stuff.


And that brings me to the Most Dreamy Man of all.  *siiiiiiiigh*  Friday night, he randomly appears with a very large Sonic drink of my favorite variety.  He knows I only drink mediums but he “bought a large just in case your sisters wanted to share.”  *SIIIIIIGH*  (He worked on Saturday.)  And then on Sunday towards the end, he randomly brought me Taco Bell and stuck around for an hour until the show ended and then helped tear down, load up and haul home.  *be still my sighing heart*

Anyway, that is the weekend.  Yes, I had a grand time with the seestors.  No, my house will not be winning the “cleanest home in the world award” for these past few days.


So I’ve been a little MIA here this week.  Such is life sometimes.

We (and by we I mean my two incredible sisters and me) have been busily getting ready for Wichita Vintage Market Days.  What is Vintage Market Days, one might ask?  Aaaaaaahhhhhh, it is the gathering of the most wonderful finds in the world.  It is a group of like-minded, junk-loving people.  It is a vintage lover’s dream!


Christy got the ball rolling a few months ago for us to have a booth in this weekend market that, just happens to be held two minutes from her house.  Seeing that the three of us have ventured into side businesses of collecting, giving new life to and selling antiques, we thought it a perfect shame NOT to have a booth.


Since then, our houses have been overrun and our husbands have grown leery of all the “finds” we bring home to re-sell with the exclamation of, “Look what I found today!!!”


Actually, the husbands probably started out leery, but My Man, for one, has become a believer after seeing that this can be a profitable venture.


So, the collecting for the show has ended.  The planning has come to a halt, for the Vintage Market Days are here.


We set up last night, and my – oh- my was it ever fun.  I wanted to shop instead of work, but managed to come away with only one thing on my “to buy list.”  (Ok, two things…)


The sisters are there right now.  I will be joining them after work today, and I can’t wait!


Bring on the weekend of vintage stuff!


(Oh, and have you noticed that the new word for it is “vintage”?  Mom always called them “antiques.”  Grandma probably just called it “stuff we’ve had lying around.”)