Choosing to see the extraordinary of "ordinary"

I am guilty.  Guilty of looking at other people’s lives and thinking they have it better than me – the old “grass is greener” syndrome.  I see pictures on Facebook of a trip that Friend A has taken, a gourmet meal Friend B has made, a house renovation that Friend C has completed, a wonderful marriage that Friend D is boasting of, and on and on.  What I know in my head doesn’t transfer to my heart…everyone puts the good online, at church, in a conversation.  Unless you really know a person, you never see their daily bad, ugly, difficult, failures, day to day monotony, the normal, ordinary stuff.  Therefore, I look at my normal life and think, “I never go on trips; I never make time for fun stuff with my husband; I never complete the thousand projects I have going. Life. Is. Normal.”  What I’m failing to see is that Friend A may have an awesome trip, but they are pretty blah everyday, or Friend B can cook, but they don’t have a decorating bone in their body, or Friend C did finish that renovation, but they are broke and can’t ever take a trip in the next forty years.  What I’m failing to see is that everyone’s life is normal, and Normal. Is. Amazing!

To remind myself that I live MY life, not someone else’s, and that MY life is indeed a gift, a blessing, something that in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have made any better, I am going to keep a daily record of my life.  One thing every day.  One normal thing that is extraordinary in it’s very ordinaryness.  One thing that is an overlooked blessing.  One thing that I would miss if it were gone.  This is my normal life.  I must live it fully.


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