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I love spring, and I love flowers.  Growing up, our yard was choc’ full of roses, flowering bushes, flowering trees, flowers, flowers, flowers.  The lady who had built the house with her husband in the 1930’s became a good friend of ours, and she would show us around the yard naming variety after variety that she had carefully planted and tended for decades.


I always loved taking a big ol’ basket and some scissors and going around the yard picking and then arranging vases full of the beauties and setting them around the house.  Unfortunately, I don’t do a whole lot of that these days.  For one thing, our little bungalow doesn’t have many flowers.  I’m working on it, but it takes a while to grow a yard full of flowers.  And second, I just don’t really take the time.

Well, until a couple weeks ago.  On Easter, mom asked me to go around the yard to pick some flowers for the table.  ‘Twas glorious.  Glorious to pick handfuls of flowers and still have plenty left.


A couple days later, I visited Lowes and loaded my cart with flowers and plants for the porch.  Because, while I love and plant perennials, they just take too long to get established sometimes.  A bungalow porch needs some annuals and geraniums and ferns, even though they won’t last until next year.



And then I visited Lowes again because I needed some of the hyacinths that filled the room with their smell.  And fill the room they did.  I did everything with those hyacinths while they lasted.  I took them to work, I took them back home.  I put them in the library, then the dining room.  I included them in most of my Etsy shop photos that week.  *sigh* They just smell so doggone good.  Christy came over at that time and just held the pot of hyacinths and declared she wasn’t going to put them down.


But the hyacinths died, and I wasn’t at my parents’ to pick their great bounty of flowers.  So, one night as The Man and I were out walking, I sneaked through the alley behind our neighbor’s house and grabbed a couple branches of lilacs.


She’s a nice lady, I’m sure she didn’t mind.


They smell just as good as the hyacinths.


And a girl’s gotta have her flowers, after all.



I have a cottage garden at my parent’s house.  Much blood, sweat and tears has gone into it over the years.  I love it.  When I got married, Mom lamented the fact that she would now have to take care of this very large plot of ground.  I assured her that, “No, I will come back and weed it faithfully because it is MY garden.”  Yeah, well…


I do intend on working in it.  But intentions don’t get the work done.  By the time I get home from work, projects at my new home keep me just a leetle bit hoppin’.  Alas, the garden has become something akin to the yard of a creepy abandoned mansion.  Poor thing.  I keep intending though.


Well, my leetle adopted brother Matthew has come back from school.  He’s stayed with us (mom and dad) during the summers.  Sadly, he will only be here three weeks this summer, but this guy can get A LOT done in three weeks.  Including cleaning out my creepy, abandoned cottage garden.  Bless his little peek-ed head, as Mom would say.DSC07422

I went out to the house to teach piano, and wandered my garden for a bit.  It is in the prime of its season.  Roses abounding, sweet flower smells wafting.  And all without the over grown mess that once had been.


All because of this guy (who was, at the moment, busy on the tractor tearing out cedar trees I slaved to plant several years ago).  I shall try to forgive him for that seeing that my garden is once again beautimous.



I love to garden.  Sweet bliss.  (I almost typed sweat bliss, which, I guess, could be applicable too.)  This year, my gardening time has been severely limited, and this was completely obvious from the look of the outside of our house.  *sigh*  Poor, ugly little gardens.


Well, I decided this past weekend since the weather has turned from winter into summer that I had better get outside and get something done.  I mean, working in 90 degree weather has GOT to be better than waiting for 110 degree weather, right?



So, little at a time, I’ve been working on our garden areas.  The Man roto-tilled a new patch up front for me, and it is patiently waiting for mulch and plants.  It’s a slow process, but slow is better than nuthin’ a’tall.


After a couple hours of work, I was pretty pleased at how the front of the house shaped up.  There’s a song Mom used to sing that goes, “One step at a time; only one step at a time.”  Can’t remember the rest of the song, but that part definitely applies to the beeeyouteefying of this house of ours.


Today I am wearing a big chunky sweater in anticipation of all the snow that is in the forecast and shopping for flower seeds.

All these photos are in my garden at mom and dad's house, but I can't take credit for the talented photo taking skills.  The amazing Matthew H. and my mom did that

All these photos are in my garden at mom and dad’s house, but I can’t take credit for the talented photo taking skills. The amazing Matthew H. and my mom did that

While I’m lovin’ the winter weather, I’m also preparing for SPRING!!  Ah, Spring, my heart doth beat for thee!  A couple years ago, I ran across the idea of winter sowing seeds in “mini greenhouses.”  I’ve tried planting seeds indoors, and it will be an experience I will never ever repeat.  Ever.  But sowing them outside in the winter in milk jugs?  Sounds crazy, but it works, and it’s simple.  And simple agrees with this girl.  (Here’s a full explanation of the process:


The other day, I was perusing the internet and ran across the winter sowing blog.  It hit me at that moment that I need to start planting those little seeds NOW since it is, ya’ know, winter.  So, I’m busy browsing for flower seeds online and collecting milk jugs in which to sow them.  It’s so very difficult to trim down the number of selections in my shopping cart.  I have visions of sweet peas and larkspur, hollyhocks and delphinium, penstemon and lupine filling our yard.   At this rate, I’ll be able to furnish a full-size flower shop!


It makes me happy to think of all the possibilities.  Last year, I was a tad bit busy with starting a new chapter in life, so winter sowing seeds wasn’t even an option.  That gives me enough excuse this year to go a wee bit overboard in the seed ordering.  (At least that’s what I tell myself now…ask me in a couple months when I actually have to transplant all those seedling.)