Today is the last day at a job I’ve had for eleven years.  Yes, I’ve anticipated this for months.  Yes, I’m excited.  Yes, today I’m getting all sentimental and sad.  It’s been a great job with a great boss and co-workers. *sheesh* Eleven years is a LONG TIME!  I got to thinking what the past eleven years have held (since I’m all sentimental and stuff today), and I decided to pick one picture of a highlight for each of those years.  Now, picking just ONE highlight and just ONE picture for an entire year is somewhat difficult and makes you skip some pretty important things that have happened.  Friends and family have gotten married; babies have been born;  grandparents have died.  God took me through the greatest times and the most horrible, gut wrenching trials.  But through the highs and through the lows, God is good, and life is great.

2004:  I had worked over the summer as a waitress at a Christian camp in Colorado.  I came home with the decision of transferring to Wichita State University after having gone to college in South Carolina a couple years before.  Aaaand, I needed a job.  A friend from church called and said, “Hey, how would you like to learn to do what I do?”  And I said, “What do you do?”  Thus, the great learning of the great financial world began.  It changed my life.


2005:  One of my sisters had promised me that if she didn’t get married before she turned 30, then we would go to Europe together.  She missed it by four months, and being the stinker that I am, I held her to it even when it meant she took the trip a couple months before her wedding.  I’m glad we did it though (and I think she’s glad too).


2006:  I was in the throes of taking 18 hours a semester and going through the summer to finish my degree and working 30 hours a week.  This photo is from a fun summer photography class I took – it was actually with 35mm film that we developed ourselves.



2007:  God blessed greatly and provided a chance for me to go to Washington, DC for a semester to do an internship with Mrs. Bush.  Work let me take a leave of absence for that time.


2008:  Graduation!!!!!  What.A.Relief.


2009:  I had always loved to travel, but since school was over with and I had an awesome job that let me take off quite a bit, traveling was kicked into high gear – this year was San Francisco, Kentucky, Baltimore, Estes Park and South Carolina.


2010:  THIS MAN asked me out.  ‘Nuff said.


2011:  Vacation to Yellowstone with my whole family.  What a trip!  We had talked about doing it for years, and it was amazing.


2012:  Ok, I deviated from the rule this year because I couldn’t choose just one highlight.  Caleb and I bought our little bungalow for us to move in after getting married.  And my book, Blinded by His Shadow, was published!  Both were lifelong dreams.


2012 - 2

2013:  THE best year of my life.


2014:  Another trip!  Grace, Matthew and I decided last minute to go to France and Germany.  So glad we did because life changes, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it any other time.


2015:  Saying goodbye to seeing these crazy, fun and great people everyday!  OH.MY.GOODNESS.  There have been crrrraaaaaaazy times.


2015 -2