Yesterday, I was on my way home from work.  It had been cloudy earlier, but the sun was shining then, and the sky was SO BLUE, and the clouds were SO FLUFFY!  It was beautimous.  I had to stop and traipse through a field in high heels just to capture the moment.


That evening, The Man and I were going to go for a walk.  We set out and made it about 1/2 block, but the wind was, well, it was Kansas wind.  And it was a bit nippy, so I wimped out and said, “Let’s go for a drive in the country.”  So we did.


Now, one might think, “Ack!  Gas is so expensive!  You can’t just drive aimlessly around for an hour.  What a waste!”  Well, we did, and it wasn’t.  We drove and looked and talked and talked and talked.  We drove until it was too dark to see anything.  And, I figure that we spent about $5.00 in gas.  Tell me a cheaper date than that.


People (including My Man) knock Kansas.  Sure, it isn’t as impressive as other places, but when you have a chance to stop by the side of the road for beautiful sky pictures or to take a pointless drive in the country, you realize, “Eh, not such a bad place after all.”