I love having people in my life with whom I can share exciting news.  Mostly it’s to My Man that I send texts IN ALL CAPS TO CONVEY MY EXCITEMENT!!!  The guys is wonderful to encourage and share in the joy.

But sometimes, sometimes you need an old, like minded friend to text because you know that friend will REPLY IN ALL CAPS!!!!

So, when I texted Carrie the picture of our grungy, old wood floor in the kitchen that has been buried under six layers of other flooring for over 100 years, I said, “HELLO, is that not the most authentic, worn wood floor look ever?!?!”  She replied, “I LOVE that!  You can’t get that awesome of a finish if you paid thousands.”


And I knew right then and there, that even though I might be crazy for wanting to keep bunged up floors just the way they are, at least I have my crazy, longtime friend on my side.