I am a girl.  People’s words change my mood.  Case in point, I came to work today in a perfectly good mood.  One of the guys at work then told me it looked like I had painted my jeans on.  “Hahaha!” he guffaws and then asked if it was difficult to get them all the way up.

My mood changed.

But I have a better story.  Sometimes grown up people can be stupid and insensitive (even men who should know not to comment on females’ weight).  But yesterday, it was a little man who made my day and changed my mood with his words…two words.


I was rushing around in the normal Wednesday manner.  Wednesdays are not bad, just busy.  I work until early afternoon, teach piano until early evening, go home for supper and a quick spin around and then usually attend church at night.  I wasn’t in a bad mood yesterday, far from it.  It was just the normal Wednesday busy.

I had finished piano and was walking out to the car talking to my sister.  My two nephews were toting things to the car for me, and we all stopped there to finish the conversation before I left.  Seven year old Caleb stood near me.


Totally engrossed in my conversation with Christy, I blurted out, “Oh, and I sold two more things on Etsy today!”  Caleb stood near me.  And he said with little man enthusiasm, “Good job!”

Good job.  Why those two words meant so much to me, I don’t really know.  But I literally have tears running down my cheeks now thinking about it.  (I might still be emotional over being told I was fat today, who knows.)  Anyway, a little man, kind of being ignored while his aunt and mom chatted, was excited for me.

And he told me, “Good job.”