The Man-of-My-Dreams and I celebrated our second anniversary yesterday.  We both agreed that it has been the best two years of our lives, and, yes, I’m sure that most mushy, gushy couples say that.  It just happens to be true.


Now, I sometimes wonder if I should worry that we’ve never done anything big for our anniversaries (all two of them).  We travel and do exciting stuff other times, but when January 25 rolls around, it’s just kind of “Eh.”  I see pictures of people going to Mexico or Hawaii and stuff for their anniversary.  I told Caleb that I don’t want to never doing anything, but I say “I sometimes wonder if I should worry…” because it doesn’t bother me at all.

This month just happened to be also when we did our “no-spend month” (more on that later).  But we did make an exception (gifts were already budgeted months ago, so that didn’t count).  Our exception was $15 set aside so we could splurge on…Taco Bell.  Hey, when you haven’t eaten out all month, Taco Bell is quite the treat.

I’m serious!


Since it was Sunday, we went to practice with our little Cherub Choir in the evening and then went to our much anticipated supper.  Then we went to my (deserted) work to watch the last four episodes of The Amazing Race that we had missed.  Yes, not only did we eat Taco Bell for our anniversary supper but we spent a free evening watching stuff on the internet at my work ’cause we’re too cheap to buy our own internet.  (And, yes, my work allows it, no prob.)  And for dessert, we ate Greek yogurt we brought from home.  ‘Twas good!


Some might laugh, but I say it was one of the best dates we’ve had.  Me ‘n’ My Man doing what we love…together.