I do happy dances when a three day weekend is approaching.  Literally.  I go up to the front of our office to my co-worker friend and do a happy dance.  Three day weekends are the life…


HA!  Three day weekends in my life are remodel boot camp.  So I says to My Man Friday night, “I think I’ll tear down the lath and plaster wall tomorrow when you’re at work.”  Never say those words to your man.  Never.  You will regret it.


But, I am mostly glad that I did it, for that meant less work to get through on Monday (our third day of the weekend).  Thankfully, The Man was there on Monday too.


We were tired.  Dead beat, doggone, bone tired.  But our kitchen demolition is coming!  We now…

~Have holes in the wall that you can see to the outside.


~Are re-heating food in the microwave located in the family room

~Getting food from the frig in the dining room.


~Cooking on and in an electric skillet, electric burner and toaster oven wherever we can find a spot cleared – sometimes in the “kitchen,” sometimes in the laundry room, sometimes in the dining room


~Getting dishes and food from the laundry room

~Doing our dishes and anything that requires water in the bathroom


And guess what!  We love it all.