So, currently we don’t have internet at home except for our phones.  Actually, we’ve never really had internet at home.  (Dark ages, I know.)  I am at work all day, everyday, so most of the stuff that I need to do on the internet, I can do there.  (And, yes, I have an awesome cool job that allows me to do stuff like that.)  When Caleb needs the internet, which is rarely, he goes to the library or takes his laptop to work.  (Yes, he has an awesome cool job where he can do that too.)

There is one exception, one tragic exception.  For reasons unknown, my work has blocked Pinterest access.  And adding pins from your phone is just plain, silly and annoying.  So, whenever I come across something pin-worthy, I add it to a very long list in an email draft.  It’s been quite a few months this has been going on, and it’s a very.long.list.


So, last night, My Man was out with some friends, so I decided to go to the library and Pinterest away.  I grabbed some coffee from Starbucks (yes, our library is very bring-your-coffee-and-sit).  Aaaaaaah, it was heaven.  Seeing all those pretty pictures.  I actually call Pinterest “work” because it’s ideas, recipes and generally good advice that we actually use day to day for remodeling, cooking, switching to natural beauty products and such.  But it is anything but work.

starbucks-coffee-e1335800771163Photo credit:  Starbucks

And that brings me to the people watching part of the title.  Have you been to the library computer lab lately?  Maybe it’s just people in general, and I should get out more, but MAN, people are WEIRD.  I mean W.E.I.R.D.  It didn’t bother me, no, not by a long shot.  It amused me greatly as I sipped my coffee and pinned on Pinterest.  Listening to conversations between people and conversations of people to themselves.  It’s almost as good as people watching at Walmart!

Needless, to say, I enjoyed my time very much.  I think this library computer thing might become a habit.