My Man, he’s the best.  I honestly feel sorry for all those women that missed out due to the fact that I got one of a kind.  Today, I’m just going to list all the things off the top of my head that My Man does for me out of the goodness of his wonderful heart.

~Make me breakfast on the mornings he’s home and I go to work

~Start the car so it’s warm when I leave

This is the morning he was at work and wanted to make sure I was warm

This is the morning he was at work and wanted to make sure I was warm

~Tease me – to me, it shows that he actually likes me, and liking is a whole lot different than loving


~Do house cleaning when I’m at work

~Work with me in the kitchen – he helps cook (and even takes over some meals), helps clean up, and when he’s not helping cooking and cleaning, he’s in there when I am just talking (and I like that just as much)


~Tackle one of the crazy projects that I get in my mind


~Encourage me in new ventures

~Shovels the walk of snow and takes the trash to the curb – this may not seem like much until suddenly they’re not done.  And goodness knows, I don’t do them.


~Calls and texts me randomly


~Keeps me accountable in going to the gym and eating right while at the same time not making me feel fat.  (This can be a touchy area for a man to encourage a female in, let me tell you.)

~Loves and is loved by the nieces and nephews.


~Plays games


Oh, the list could go on and on.

These are just a few of my favorite thiiiiiings!!!!!! (About My Man.  And, yes, that line is supposed to be sung.)