So, I’m mostly recapping here the blessings that have happened last month, but a blessin’ is a blessin’ no matter when it occurs.

Last month for my birthday weekend, My Man and I took a trip to Kansas City.  Going a couple months without going anywhere starts to become torture for us (at least for me), and we I start to say, “We never go anywhere.”  Yeah, poor me.


So, getting away for a couple days was just the thing to cure my pity party.  And boy howdy, we started the weekend with a bang.  For the past couple months, I have been trying to get one of those super cheap, super wonderful farmhouse sinks from Ikea.  Well, everyone else seems to be trying to do the same thing because they were on back order until February.  I decided that since we were in KC, I would call.  Long story short, I got a hold of the most-wonderful-sales-person, and she told me about a floor model that was not only there but discounted!!!!  I screamed.  Not right there in the phone but later to My Man (because he can handle my screaming about sinks.)20141220_111310

So, we went to Ikea and picked up our beautiful sink for 45% off and I grabbed a hot, fresh cinnamon roll and coffee and began to think I could die right then and my life would be complete.


But, no, we had more fun to come…


The weekend was filled with wandering downtown KC looking at the lights and savoring a way-too-expensive piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and not caring about the price.  (It’s a lovely thing to have a birthday right near Christmas.  I love it!)  We went to watch the ice skaters and decided not to join them as there were so many people.  But even watching ice skaters outdoors while listening to Christmas music surrounded by Christmas lights…even watching was fun.  And we watched cable TV in the hotel and went antique shopping…yes, the important things in life.


And Sunday (my birthday) we made our way home just in time for me to meet some pretty awesome friends for a girls night/birthday party at Olive Garden (of which I did not take pictures).

Yes, the weekend was purely wonderful.