So, we have a yearly tradition, the nieces, nephews, husband and me.  At Christmas-time, we take all of them from my side (ten total) out for something fun and then to our house for a slumber party and Christmas movies.  This started way back when there were three or four of them old enough to go on the adventure.  (And for some reason, I can’t find any pictures of those far-back adventures.)  Anyway, suffice it to say, this is a long-standing tradition.

We started it by going to the free carriage rides at Bradley Fair.  ‘Twas a delightful Christmas tradition – bundled up under blankets in a carriage (even though that carriage was tooling around a parking lot) and then singing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs on the way home and then watching White Christmas or some such movie.

But as the group has grown and seeing that there are six of them under the age of nine, standing in line in the freezing weather for a four minute carriage ride, well, let’s say it went out the window after last year.  It was fun, but a little on the…well, we’ll just leave it with it just going out the window.  The memories will live in our hearts though.

This Christmas time, we had to do something, and I got the fabulous idea of going to a trampoline park.  Yes, a huge warehouse-type room completely filled with a trampoline floor.  Alas, we can’t just shell out that kind of money, so the idea was coupled with, “Hey, let’s make it the birthday present for all the nieces/nephews for the year!”  And thus began our Christmas/birthday bouncy bash.





We had a grand time bouncing and flipping and crawling out of foam pits and playing bouncy bombardment (dodge ball).  And even though my attempted back flip landed me upside down with my feet over my head and sent me to the chiropractor in the days following, the time, I think, was a success.






It cracked me up to go back through and see AAAALLLLLL the pictures of Grace jumping and throwing dodge balls.  I tried it; it takes some coordination, and, apparently, she had it DOWN.




And then we went back to the house for Christmas movies and food and a sleepover.  But more on that part some other time.