October starts the beginning of birthday season in my side of the family.  Mom, Ellie, Cody and Aaron are October/November; about half the family is December; and January/February has a smattering of celebrations.  (January/February also starts Caleb’s family birthday season.)  Anyway, to keep our sanity, we combine seasonal or monthly birthdays, not that we don’t like celebrating, but, as I said, to keep our sanity.

But even with seasonal celebrations, we still manage to get individual celebrations sneaked in there.  They are relaxes and usually just a part of the family.

So, Ellie decided for her 10th birthday, she wanted a sleepover with her cousins, aunts, sister, mom and grandma.  The sweetheart…she invited old people to her birthday sleepover.  (And, no mom, I’m not just referring to you in that statement.)


We had a for real, girls sleepover with movies and sharing your old bed with your sister kind of sleepover.  And seeing that it was on Halloween night and after our church’s Fall Harvest Festival, candy was a’plenty.


Then, Cody’s birthday was the next day.  The Tracey and Tim asked the man an’ me if we wanted to go out for pizza and bowling in honor of the little guy.  Seeing that we love pizza and bowling (and since their family isn’t too bad to hang out with 🙂 ), we gladly accepted.



Yes, ’tis a busy and hectic time of the year, but I am glad for the moments we can stop running around like chickens with our heads cut off and simply enjoy sleepovers and pizza and bowling with family.