Haha.  So, I couldn’t resist the corny play on words.  We went to Ikea in Kansas City a couple weekends ago because we are…STARTING THE KITCHEN RENO!!!!!  I’ve researched and searched and hunted and planned and schemed for hours upon hours, literally.  We finally decided on the Ikea cabinets, and, being our crazy DIY selves, we will be making modifications to them.


I had a map of the store, a list of the cabinets (and various other goodies I wanted to buy) and a schedule for what was going to happen when.  For, when you go to a three story, mega home store, you MUST have a plan.



We got the cabinets and the goodies and had supper in Ikea’s restaurant (their famous meatballs are uh-mayzing), and we headed home.




The cabinets are now sitting in the laundry room in their boxes just waiting for their newly re-done kitchen home.