A couple weeks ago, My Man and I traveled to Iowa to see Grace at college.  I’m so glad we got to visit her aaaand that we had an excuse to visit such a pretty state!  ‘Tisn’t like Kansas at all.  It at least has hills and trees and beautiful fall colors.

This is the first trip that I haven’t planned the bejeezers out of everything before I go.  I looked up a handful of interesting “what to see in Iowa” things, but I didn’t even book hotel rooms beforehand!  (Except for when we were at Grace’s college…I did get the on-campus apartment the day before.)  We took each day at a time, and then would look online for a hotel in whatever city we happened to be in.  I don’t think I will convert full-time to this new mode of traveling, but it was nice for a change.

So, here are the pictures of our peaceful Iowa days.

Touring around the capital of Des Moines.  We got there too late to go in the Capital building, but we wandered some of the shops downtown and ate at Zombie Burger, a treat, to be sure.



Oh, and it’s always so interesting to see what can be found in basements of antique shops…balls of panty hose, wigs, you name it.



And that night we walked miles (literally) to High Trestle Trail Bridge.  The walk was worth it to see the 2300 foot long bridge lit up.


Next day we drove to to see John Wayne’s birthplace because we are fans of The Duke (I have been since about 3 or 4 when I would insist on watching “old westerens” on TV).  Also caught one of the bridges from The Bridges of Madison County on the way.  Never read the book or seen the movie, but I might just have to now.






Spent lots of time in our campus apartment hanging out, watching TV and sleeping.


Had to leave Grace the third day.  Went to a coffee shop for the internet to plan where to drive next.  (Caleb brought his Monster in, because he doesn’t drink fruffy coffee, and doesn’t like the taste of manly coffee.)


Decided to visit the birthplace of Herbert Hoover.  Neither of us knew much about him.  He was pretty interesting, and the town he grew up in was beautimous in all its autumn glory.


The next day we went hiking at Musquokeeta Park.  It is chock full of caves that you could explore.  We ventured into the big one, but the others where you had to crawl and use major flashlights, we opted out.







And the leaves, I just died for all the beautiful leaves.


The end.