Ok, so the blessings have been piling up.  Good thing too, seeing that I haven’t posted in an eternity.  I REEALLY need to be more consistent or less busy or something…

(Not that I’m complaining about busyness or that it’s out of control.  I’m beginning to get severely annoyed with the typical response to the question of “How’s it going?”  “Ooooh, you know, BUSY” with a self-sacrificing, martyr-like smile.  Yes, I’m guilty of this as much as anybody, but really, we all need to stop.  Either stop being BUSY or stop acting like we have no control over it or stop acting like it’s a symbol of self worth.  Ummm, wait did I really step on that soap box?  Where was I?)

Oh, the piled up blessings, that’s right.  I shall choose one and save the rest for later. Eeny, meeny, miney, moe – and I don’t have a clue how to spell the aforementioned.

Friday evening at mom and dad’s house.  Yes, ’twas a delightful evening.  My Man and I had gotten back from a short vacation a couple days before, and we were enjoying the remainder of the week off.  Mom called and asked if we wanted to come over for supper.  “Why, YES, that would be marvelous!”

Sos, we went.  And we had steak and potatoes and all the marvelous sides.  You see, mom is old school (not saying that she’s OLD mind you, just old school).  With any meal, with family or friends alike, you must, you simply MUST have a main dish (with potatoes if appropriate), a salad, a vegetable, a dessert, and anything else that comes to mind.  Our arguments of “but mom, potatoes ARE the vegetable” or “there are vegetables in the salad!” fell on deaf ears.  You MUST have each thing individually.

Not only did we eat marvelously, we sat outside in the cool autumn evening on their newly built patio area in the back yard, with candles and fireplace a blazing.  And we visiting over coffee and baked apples and roasted marshmallows and huddled under blankets big enough to fit a king size bed.

There’s home – the place you want to sleep in your own bed at and decorate and hang out.  And there’s HOME – the place that will forever be where you grew up and where your parents will always be waiting and feeding you meat and potatoes and salads and a vegie and a dessert or two.