Friday night, our Sunday School class had an activity.  Now, I must admit, that even though we’ve been married almost two years (and thereby eligible to attend this particular class), this is our first activity.  Sad, I know.

But when one of my dearest friends (who was the planner of the activity) told us we would be playing volleyball, well, I just COULDN’T resist.  I love volleyball.1622628_10203886265212444_2942722379958342300_nphoto by: Amber Marshall, Family in Focus Photography

I used to play with friends (many of which were at this activity) one or more times a week long ago, and we had a ball (haha, no pun intended).  But, playing ball with friends has kind of gone kind of by the wayside of late.

Friday night felt just like college days again…ahem, sort of.  The activity itself felt like college days; the muscles definitely DO NOT feel like college days.  I am still sore.

10647100_10203886271372598_1854040804397374937_nphoto by:  Amber Marshall, Family in Focus Photography

Everyone was pretty much in the same boat though, so we laughed and played and moaned together.

10418984_10203886274212669_1507623007213038491_nphoto by: Amber Marshall, Family in Focus Photography

Yes, ’twas a delightful evening, and, hopefully, we won’t wait so long next time to attend an activity!