Wow.  It’s easy to let things slide.  Out of sight, out of mind…and, unfortunately, recording my daily blessings have been out of sight lately.

I was thinking this past weekend, that great things, fun activities and memories take WORK.  Lots of work and energy, mental and physical.  When I see or hear about a friend going on vacation, I need to remember that they spent HOURS planning and prepping and working to pay for that vacation.  A great friendship, an enviable marriage, an obedient child?  Yeah, tons of work goes into each of those.  It’s good for me to realize that.  And when I look at my life and wonder how come it’s so busy, I can then know that living life (even a fun life) doesn’t JUST HAPPEN…it’s taking effort.

(And it’s ok to be tired after a day or a weekend or a life full of fun.)

Anyway, all that to say that these past three days have been chock full of fun and memories (and a couple naps in between).  So, today’s blessing is spending yesterday at the zoo with one of my dearest friends and her adorable little boy, Mr. C.


I don’t frequent the zoo a whole lot.  My Man and I went once when we were dating.  Before that, it had been about ten years since my last visit.  So, when Chelsea, one of my dearest childhood friends, said she would be in town, and “would you like to join us at the zoo?” I immediately got goosebumps and all excited and stuff.

Me 'n' Chelsea dressed up as an old couple long ago.

Me ‘n’ Chelsea dressed up as an old couple long ago.

It was the perfect day with all the fun and wonderful animals.  Mr. C amazed me at his knowledge of the animals and birds and his cute little self.  And we talked and caught up on life as much as possible amidst the penguins and the bears and elephants.


And then I went home and slept for three hours, yes, THREE HOURS.  A day at the zoo is apparently exhausting (combined with all the fun of the previous couple days which I’ll write about later).

Yes, I love my dearest Chelsea, the friend who shares my love of black and white movies, the friend who sings Patch the Pirate songs with me at the top of our lungs, my traveling buddy in our single years (and years to come, I’m sure), a friend who is in so many of my memories of yesteryear.  It’s hard when close friends live far away, but being able to pick up where we left off is priceless.