Today, we celebrated dad’s retirement.  ‘Tis a momentous occasion, to retire.  But, dad’s party…well, I think dad’s party was a little more momentous than most.  You see, dad is that guy that is not liked, but LOVED by all who know him.  And what great worlds has this loved man conquered?  What trophies and honors has he won to have such an adoring crowd around him?


Nope, he hasn’t conquered worlds or become an independently wealthy man or won the Nobel Peace Prize.  He is loved by all because, as his boss said through tears today, dad is a servant.


Why is that such an honor?  You try it.  ‘Tisn’t easy or very common.

Snow 207

As employees and friends and family gathered ’round, speeches were made, not just about dad’s twenty-four years of hard work for the city but for his attitude, for his, as one employee said, “old school way of being a boss.”  His boss said that dad was a man of God, a man who prayed for every single co-worker, employee and boss.  A man that would be sorely missed in the coming days.  Grown men cried and hugged.


And, yes, they honored dad by naming a pavilion The Darrell Zimmerman Family Pavilion in the park that he created and built.


No, dad won’t have his name is history books or Forbes magazine.  His name is remembered as the man who worked hard, who gave all he had and who cared about everyone around him.  In my book, that’s quite a legacy.