This past Saturday, Caleb had an awards ceremony  for work.  It turned out to be a bigger gathering than I anticipated.  There were a good number of firefighters being commended, all their family and fans, the mayor, the news anchor, the big wig chiefs.  (…Fire chiefs, not Indian.  Though Indian would have been cool too.)

Anyway, Caleb and his co-workers “thought it was dumb to get an award to do what you’re paid to do.”  And he was miffed that he had to skip their “hearty man” breakfast that morning at work to go sit and listen to people talk.

I thought it was great.  Especially since my hero man was one of the ones being recognized.


Commendation #1:

“Fire crews responded to the report of a house fire.  A man informed firefighters there was a woman in the back bedroom.  When the crew entered, they encountered heavy smoke.  They quickly located the victim and removed her from the structure.  After a short time of CPR, the patient regained a pulse and respirations.  The effort of the companies at this house fire resulted in three vital functions being completed by a single unit.”

Don't they look thrilled.  I think they're thinking of the breakfast they were missing.

Don’t they look thrilled. I think they’re thinking of the breakfast they were missing.

Commendation #2:

“Wichita firefighters were dispatched to an apartment fire.  Crews encountered heavy smoke and flames from the roof area of the third floor and attic area of a three story apartment building.  (My hero man was one of the ones that broke down a door and pulled down ceiling with those pointy stick things to get to the fire.)  After an extended battle due to high wind conditions, the fire was brought under control.  Damage was limited to two apartments and the roof area of the middle section of the building.”

Eh, just another day at the office.  (That is, when they’re not busy eating “hearty man” breakfasts and getting awards.)