Final part of our five day journey to Colorado and back…


…we went to Mesa Verde National Park on our last day.  It was very interesting (and hot) place.  Drove and toured around.




That evening we just drove around the town of Mancos and the area outside of it.  It was such an authentic small town.  All the towns around – Silverton, Durange, etc – are great and all, but the smallness has been overshadowed by the touristyness.  So, an authentic small town where there were, for a fact, absolutely NO chain restaurants, stores and such was very refreshing and real.

We saw so many deer that evening.  You would have thought we’d never seen them before.


Then the next day we started the long journey home where I read magazines, crocheted and we listened to Agatha Christie mysteries.


It was a fun journey, and it was fun to come home.

Then End.