Yes, ’twas time for a mini vacation.  Despite the fact that more than one family member said, “You’re going somewhere AGAIN?” we thought that it had been far too long since our last trip.

For this mini vacation, we decided upon the grand state of Colorado.  A.) because it’s not that far away, and b.) because it’s Colorado.  COLORADO.  Like the place where you have to wear a jacket when the sun goes down, even in August.


*sigh* I have so many wonderful memories of Colorado.  ‘Tis a mightily wonderful place.

Day 1:  We drove.  ‘Cause it takes a long time to get across western Kansas (and eastern Colorado).  And, no, I’m not a Kansas or western Kansas hater.  This state is beautiful in it’s own ugly duckling way.

In the afternoon, we settled into our hotel and then went to see a castle near Garden of the Gods.  It used to be a private residence but then was bought as a Christian retreat center.  Someday we shall come back and rent one of the rooms, such a peaceful place it was.



And then, AND THEN!!!…we visited my dear friend Carrie.  I love my dear friend Carrie.  They moved to THE most AMAZING house in Colorado ever.  Caleb and I both agreed that we were slightly jealous and also completely happy for them.  And their kids are just the cutest things.  I carried home a picture one of them drew just for me.


And then we went back to the hotel and rested for the next day…which I’ll go ahead and talk about.

Day 2:  Got up slightly early and left for Pike’s Peak.  So glad we went early because there was a major running event, and some people were not allowed to drive to the top.  (And, seriously, who runs to the top of Pike’s Peak?!)



Oh, and we saw the Big Foot beware sign and thought it quite funny.


And then a drive to Royal Gorge.  They’re reopening this month I guess from last year’s fire.  Couldn’t go on the bridge but saw it from a’far.


And then drove and drove and drove…


…and saw beautiful scenery and cute little towns…


…and finally got to the best part of the vacation – our cabin in the mountains just north of Silverton.


…I mean, would you look at that place?!  It took four wheel drive to get to, had solar powered lights but no electricity, no running water and complete isolated stillness.



We went for a hike right away before the sun went down and saw an elk.



And then came back and grilled hot dogs and had hot chocolate.  ‘Twere the best hotdogs and hot chocolate I’ve had.


And then went out and watched the stars.  I will never get tired of watching stars away from the city lights.  They twinkle out there in the boonies.


Yes, ’twas the best part.