I am scatterbrained today…so for today’s blessing, I will just list ten random thoughts and stuff going on in my life.

#1 – This morning I got my very first text from The Man in nearly two years.  It made my heart a-flutter and got me to thinking that maybe I missed this texting thing more than I thought.

#2 – Friends.  They are the greatest.  In the past couple days, I’ve texted, emailed, Facebooked and talked in person to friends.  *sigh*  Friends are wonderful.

#3 – WHO needs or wants to be tracked by a thing called Google Now in order to see if there are traffic jams on the way to work?!?!  My phone asked me if I would accept this.  Ummm, no.

#4 – I really like my mother-in-law.  Really, really.  Hearing all the MIL jokes out there, I’m guessing some MILs aren’t good?  Glad I got a good one.  (Oh, and she saved and gave me her farm raised chicken bones for broth – with just a little eye brow raising.)

#5 – I’m starting on the porch reno.  Hope to have it done and decorated by fall.

#6 – Our family room is STILL “in progress.”  Life’s not perfect or quick.  I’m am trying to rest and believe this quote by Ann Voskamp’s blog: “There are no winners in the race to get it all done. Because the reality is that after those things are done, there is still more.”

#7 – My mother, she is the most giving-est person I know.  She made us chocolate chip banana muffins.

#8 – My mom’s chocolate chip banana muffins are the best in the world.

#9 – I’ve mentioned this before, but spending $50 on six textbooks that were given a used value of $360 will ALWAYS make me happy.

#10 – I’m happy.  I have tons of errands, a house to clean and a porch to paint tonight, but I’m happy.  If you think this is a small matter…it is not.