Four of our nieces and nephews live just four blocks down the road.  Alas, though we stop in on evening bike rides or walks, we do not have them over very often.  Poor little kids that live down the street.


Caleb is the boys’ go-to guy as an older Halo co-player.  I do believe that they think that since he is big and owns his own TV and Halo system that he MUST be playing it all the time and that he MUST need little boys to play it with.

Well, we had the boys over Friday evening for some long overdue Halo time, but the evening really was for the girls.  The girls were the ones who got to spend the night.  And they came toting their pink suitcase.


We had a tea party and then played with marbles and then sat down to watch old Tweety cartoons on YouTube.  ‘Twas a delightful evening.

And then they went to sleep (for the most part).

And then in the morning, I took them to the local antique mall’s bi-weekly garage sale (because heaven and earth and two little girls are NOT going to keep me from the local antique mall’s bi-weekly garage sale).

I must say, the first couple of booths were a learning experience for those two little girls and their aunt, but they learned well.  And I learned just to buy them a toy to hold their attention.

Then we’s all went across to the doughnut shop, and I sang the Doughnut Shop song.  And then we took our treasures (and the twenty pounds of tomatoes that I had bought at the farmers market and lugged back to the car with two little girls in tow) back to their house.


Yes, I had fun with those little girls and their pink suitcase.