Why hello there, lil’ ol’ blog o’ mine!  I have not posted because a.) the day ends; I crawl in bed; and I wonder where the time went and b.)I sort of accidentally/purposefully gave myself the month of July off in order to not take my “fun stuff” so seriously.

Seriously.  Ya’ll ever do that?  Start something purely for the enjoyment of it, for the relaxation, for the comfort and then that thing becomes your slave master.  Oh, I MUST to do ______, ________ and ________ today.  Why?  Because…ummm…because I must that’s why.

I looked at my blog stats today.  And whoever is out there reading this craziness, thank you!  This all isn’t to grow readership or to turn into a business.  I just wanted a place to ramble, but if ya’ll want to be flies on the wall, ’tis fine by me.  And to the person in Slovenia who stopped by here today, hello!  I have no idea where Slovenia is except in Europe somewhere (?), but I am positively sure it’s an interesting part of the world.

My blessing today…Wednesday afternoon.  A day in July that was straight out of the pages of October.  I love summer, but if October wants to stick it’s head in now and then, I’m not one to complain.


‘Twas an early afternoon off from work.  I go home and start my porch project (pictures to come!).  A porch project is simply perfect when it is raining and dreary and all autumn-like.  I worked and then brewed coffee and sat on the porch picking out paint colors and listening to the rain.  Then I read a bit during supper (The Man was at work).  Then I took an hour nap on that dreary day.  Ran to church, went out for free pie with mom and dad, came home and cleaned, went to bed.

Reliveable day.  It was a RE.LIVE.ABLE DAY.  *sigh*  I get all dreamy just thinking about it.

So that’s my wham, bam re-entry into the blog world post.  Exciting I know.  But I liked it.