In my mind, I (or we) should be able to start a project and finish it one week later – you know, like the shows on HGTV.  And when a room is still “in process” five months in, and we can’t even get to the work on it because of crazy life, I start to whine.  And I’m discontent.  And I wonder, “What is WRONG with us?!?!”  I want our space to look like this…


…instead of like this.


And then God brings a blog across my path.  And a post that makes me stop and remember…HGTV is not real. (click to read) (Well, I mean, it’s sort of real, but it’s not REAListic.)

So, I read the post this morning, and it blessed my socks off.  I might just read those same words every morning as a reminder that life is not about the destination…it’s about the journey.  And every part of this imperfect life is just perfect.