A couple months ago when Grace and Matthew and I visited the faraway land of France, we began the saga of the rental car.

In a nutshell, we rental a diesel car for a day trip four hours away.  I mistakenly put gas in the diesel car on the way back.  Gas does not work in a diesel car.  I ran the car into the ground to escape being stranded on the side of a French road at 11:00 at night with two teenagers.  We made it back safely.  Diesel car made it back no-worky (especially by the time we ran over the median at the airport).  Me no-carey at that point.

That was, hands down, the worst travel experience I have ever had.  My adrenaline still goes whacky when I think about it.

Well.  Before the trip, I had carefully researched car insurance for our adventures ’cause I like to be prepared before I go out and kill cars.  Over the years, I had told mom and dad that credit cards have a special thing on them that covers rental car insurance.  They were always skeptical.

So, for the past couple of months, I’ve gathered and submitted paperwork and waited.  AND GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit cards have a special thing on them that covers rental car insurance.

Done and done.  Thank you, Lord.