Grace and Matthew went on a missions trip to New York City this past week and a half.  Now, I went on a missions trip when I was a teenager…to Barbados.  It was one of the best vacations ever.  Our intentions were good and pure and honest, but, for some reason, the local pastor hadn’t lined up anything for us to do besides minister in the evening services every evening.  It was rough trying to fill the days with the beach and hotel pool and touring around the island.  Rough.


So, I must admit, since then I have been for ever and always a leetle bit skeptical about the effectiveness of teen missions trips.

This group has been keeping the church up to date with blog posts along the way, and I caught up on it all yesterday.  My perspective has changed.


Yes, they are having a grand time.  Yes, they are seeing some sights and eating at cool places.  But they are also having an impact.  They are working hard to spread the Gospel.  They are striking up conversations with people everywhere they go and being bold about their witness.

It encouraged me.  It blessed my soul.  It reminded me that teen missions trip can be effective for Christ.

If you want to read about their ministry, then you can go HERE.