I helped a friend move recently, and one of my jobs was to move all the stuff from the upright freezer to the ice chest.  It was the most organized freezer I.Have.Ever.Seen.  Kind of like the one in the picture here, except not as full.  Anyway, it was amazing.


But an organized freezer doesn’t really pertain to my blessing today.  It just reminded me of it.  My blessing for today is that our food is still frozen.  You see, I was running out the door early this morning and throwing something together to take for lunch.  “Hmmm,” thought I towards the end and on a whim, “I could throw some beans in with the rice and chicken for a burrito bowl.”

I went to our upright freezer in the laundry room and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a very drippy, starting to thaw freezer full of food.  Our freezer, well, it needs to be replaced.  It is one of those few items we bought used that turned out to be a lemon.  But freezer shopping isn’t on my top ten favorite things to do, so it’s been put off for a good while.

The door doesn’t seal very well, and when you open and shut it, you have to push extra hard to make sure it closes.  Yesterday, I didn’t make sure apparently.

The deed was caught before it became a travesty (and a travesty it would have been too because we just got a quarter beef).  But it sure made me thankful that I just so “happened” to put beans in my lunch.  Thank you, Lord.

(And, yes, I’ve been looking for freezers today.)