Several months ago, I had an idea pop into this brain of mine, “Why don’t I start up a little side business in my spare time?!”


So I did, kind of.  It’s mostly hobby more than a job right now, but I’ve had a bit of fun with it.


You see, since I go cuckoo for garage sales, I figured I might as well pick up antiques I see but don’t need and re-sell them on an Etsy shop.  Etsy is amazing and full of fun stuff.  And it gives me an excuse to buy all the fun things that I see but don’t need.  I call my little space on Etsy OurVintageBungalow.


It’s working out little by little.  And in just a couple weeks, my sisters and I (because my sisters get these hair-brained ideas too) are expanding to do a booth at Vintage Market Days.  Such fun we’re having.


So, I read through magazines and blogs and get ideas.  Ideas are such fun things to get sometimes.  Some of them work, some don’t.


So, anyway, that’s my new-ish, hobby-ish, job-ish thingy that I have going at the present.  I might keep it around for a while, or I might just move onto some other crazy idea soon.  Who knows!