Ya’ know, sometimes progress can be lightning fast.  Or, at least it seems like that.  It’s usually someone else’s progress that appears this way.  I see photos of other house renovations on Facebook, on blogs, in magazines…and it makes me think, “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS TAKING US SO LONG?!?!?!”  That’s what I wonder.

The poor man, he is usually the one to have to listen to my cries of despair.  It’s not his fault.  It’s not my fault.  We’re working on it.  The problem is that “it” is defined as a multitude of things being worked on – renovation, daily life, full time jobs, family and friend time, church ministries, sports teams – all the stuff that comes along.  Yes, we’re working on it.

(And it doesn’t help that both of us have a serious case of DIB/CY-edness = Do It Better/Cheaper Yourself.  Why hire someone when you can DIBY?  Why buy a coffee table when you DICY?  Why do anything as long as you have YouTube, Pinterest and an unhealthy urge for DIB/CY?)

Anyhoo, all this to say, when we post pictures like this on Facebook…

front room 2

…then be sure that there are plenty of pictures like this.


Oh, but the past weekend, we knocked out one of those ugly places at our house.  KNOCKED.IT.OUT.  And told it na-na-na-na-naaaaa-na.  You see, we’ve been living with a pile of shingles beside and behind our house since the roofing project last year.  There are a multitude of reasons.  I can’t tell you how many times I declared, “If those shingles aren’t gone by _______, then I’m going to hire someone to take them away.”  I never hired because of our aforementioned case of DICY.


But bless our dear family’s (and friends’) hearts, they let us borrow a dump truck and pulled together and helped us load up those ol’ shingles Friday night.  We worked, we sweated, we ate and visited, we relaxed as the sun went down, and, as you can see, the children of the family (those strange, strange children) were properly entertained the whole evening by the six small snakes we found in the pile.