Ok, moment of truth.  I usually don’t garage sale with friends.

*sigh*  Yes, I know some of my dearest friends just read that.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like you.  🙂  It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever, ever go garage saling with you.  I will, and I have, and it’s been fun.  But in most instances, when I go garage saling, I have my game face on.  It isn’t a social time for me.  It’s a “I’m going to conquer this morning” type of thing.  I really don’t know what comes over me, but it comes over for sure.


There are two (maybe three, maybe) exceptions to this feeling of mine.  First, I can go garage saling all day with Mom.  She’s the one who birthed me into the world of garage saling.  She was my garage saling partner in crime for many, many moons.  We have an understandin’ between us.


The halfway exception is my sisters.  I have gone with them quite a bit and have loved every.minute.of.it.  The problem is that we like the same things.  Sooooo, I waffle between shoving and pushing my way to see (and grab) everything first and letting them go first and being nice.  Such, such a tough thing to decide.  (Oh, and I’ll lump my adopted bro Matthew and the nieces in there ’cause they’re fun to go with and can stand a little pushing and shoving.)



However, the main exception, of course I say this in a dreamy voice and with a glazed expression, is My MAN.  *moment of reflection here for all that is wonderful about that guy* …………………………..

Ok.  Back to the present.  I LOVE garage saling with him.  First, he has a list of stuff he wants me to find.  It is so much easier when he can look and touch and decide for himself.  So much easier.  Second, he’s just an all around fun guy to be with.  I would do just about anything with him.

5-22-13 2

Next, he doesn’t judge me when I get mad at stupid-garage-sale-sign-posting-people.  I mean, posting garage sale signs is an art not to be taken lightly.  When someone sends me on a wild goose chase, I start driving veeery erractically and mumbling things.  (Hmmm, I just thought.  Maybe that’s why The Man always drives now when we go together.)


And finally, he is becoming very accomplished in the art of finding junk that I love.  Things I have missed, he’s pointed out.  (Oh, and a final, final reason is that he doesn’t question my strange purchases.  And, yes, they can be quite strange sometimes.)

I took off work last Thursday for a local city wide garage sale.  And me ‘n’ My Man went out and about finding all.kinds.of.treasures all morning long.  ‘Twas wonderful.  ‘Twas very, very wonderful.

The end.