Last Friday, Grace the niece graduated from high school.  She is the oldest of the ten nieces and nephews on my side, and talk about making me feel old.  She should NOT be graduating.  Alas, graduateth she doth.


I should note that this is a home school graduation.  The kids are just as smart.  Sheesh, most of them even go on to college and be model citizens and all that stuff.  Only a few continue to wear denim skirts with their tennis shoes and look down at the ground when a big, scary stranger talks to them…like the lady at the grocery store checkout lane.


But home school graduations are a little different in that they can be personalized, especially when a “big class” like this year totaled ten kids.  Personalized is kind of a lot more interesting than hearing the names of one thousand two hundred eighty four graduates being read and then listening to a speech thingy that no one remembers two minutes after its over.


So, we went; we saw; we ate cake.  ‘Twas a fabulous evening.  A good thing too, because between the ten nieces and nephews on my side, the eight siblings on Caleb’s side and the current (one niece) and all the future nieces and nephews of said eight siblings that will be graduating in the years and decades to come, we are stuck for an almighty long life of graduations.  But, like I said, ’twas fun and memorable, so I’m good with a lifetime of graduation attending.  Especially when they pay me in ooey gooey carrot cake and punch.


Oh, and we’re proud of Grace the niece.  Yep, we surely are.