I have a cottage garden at my parent’s house.  Much blood, sweat and tears has gone into it over the years.  I love it.  When I got married, Mom lamented the fact that she would now have to take care of this very large plot of ground.  I assured her that, “No, I will come back and weed it faithfully because it is MY garden.”  Yeah, well…


I do intend on working in it.  But intentions don’t get the work done.  By the time I get home from work, projects at my new home keep me just a leetle bit hoppin’.  Alas, the garden has become something akin to the yard of a creepy abandoned mansion.  Poor thing.  I keep intending though.


Well, my leetle adopted brother Matthew has come back from school.  He’s stayed with us (mom and dad) during the summers.  Sadly, he will only be here three weeks this summer, but this guy can get A LOT done in three weeks.  Including cleaning out my creepy, abandoned cottage garden.  Bless his little peek-ed head, as Mom would say.DSC07422

I went out to the house to teach piano, and wandered my garden for a bit.  It is in the prime of its season.  Roses abounding, sweet flower smells wafting.  And all without the over grown mess that once had been.


All because of this guy (who was, at the moment, busy on the tractor tearing out cedar trees I slaved to plant several years ago).  I shall try to forgive him for that seeing that my garden is once again beautimous.