“Life is good,” and “Live in the moment.”  These words of wisdom came to me late yesterday evening in the form of Dove chocolate wrappers.  Have you had them?  The Dove chocolates, I mean.  They are oh so creamy and gooey, especially the new ones with the caramel in the middle.  And then when you are licking the last bits of chocolate from the wrapper, the words of wisdom meet your eyes.  Just short little motivational phrases, but true words all the same.


The “Life is good” words came to me after digging through my purse in the Walmart checkout line.  That leetle piece of chocolate sat, forgotten, beneath wallet and keys (scratch that, I lost my keys), well, wallet and receipts and phone and various purse paraphernalia.  It was a wonderful reminder, for, at that moment, I had been grocery shopping for four hours.


The “Live in the moment” reminder came as I pulled into the driveway with a car full of four hours worth of groceries.  I happened to be scrounging around the car for my keys (see paragraph above about them being lost).  Instead of keys, I found another piece of Dove chocolate.  It had been in the car for several days and had really melted onto the wrapper – extra wrapper licking required.  (Besides I needed that little bit of extra strength to crawl through an open window and lug all those groceries inside.)

You know you are sometimes too forgetful for your own good when you perpetually leave a window unlocked because of all the times you forget your keys.  I would make an extra set to hide somewhere, but I always forget to.  Not so safe?  Maybe.  Handy?  Definitely.

Anyway, I really had a good day yesterday, but those little reminders towards the end just made me stop, think and enjoy the moment instead of getting frustrated.  See, chocolate NEEDS to be eaten.  It just does.