If you’ve ever watched Anne of Green Gables, then you know all about “Jonah Days.”  Well, Jonah has visited me today.  There is no real reason, that’s what makes it annoying.  You’re just bleh, blah, eck and boo for no other reason than because you feel like it.

Well, I feel like it today – and the thing that set me off?  I wanna be home.  I have the best job a girl could ask for – flexible, enjoyable, interesting, good co-workers – but, today, that’s not enough.  I wanna be home this fine spring day instead of looking at the sunshine through the window.  I wanna be home to work on projects instead of gathering ideas on the internet.  I wanna be home digging my hands in the brown earth instead of looking at a flower calendar on the wall.  I wanna be home on My Man’s day off instead of spending hours upon hours apart…again.  Sheesh, I even want to go grocery shopping in the mid-morning instead of after work with the rest of the hamsters on this wheel we call life.

But then I remember a quote from Black Beauty Mom always told us…

 "`Do your best,
     And leave the rest,
     'Twill all come right
     Some day or night.'"

Do my best.  That’s all a body can do.  And that’s why we’re working hard.  You see, The Man and I decided we wanted to pay off our house, and thus be completely debt free, just as soon as possible.  (And we’re on track to do it by next summer!)  God hasn’t ever plopped hordes of money in our laps.  What He has always given both of us is the ability to work and the jobs to work at…and that’s saying something when you look at people who lack one or the other or both.


So, I’m thankful this fine, beautiful spring day – yeah, not so much for the fact of sitting at a desk.  But for the fact that “Twill all come right some day or night.”