I love to garden.  Sweet bliss.  (I almost typed sweat bliss, which, I guess, could be applicable too.)  This year, my gardening time has been severely limited, and this was completely obvious from the look of the outside of our house.  *sigh*  Poor, ugly little gardens.


Well, I decided this past weekend since the weather has turned from winter into summer that I had better get outside and get something done.  I mean, working in 90 degree weather has GOT to be better than waiting for 110 degree weather, right?



So, little at a time, I’ve been working on our garden areas.  The Man roto-tilled a new patch up front for me, and it is patiently waiting for mulch and plants.  It’s a slow process, but slow is better than nuthin’ a’tall.


After a couple hours of work, I was pretty pleased at how the front of the house shaped up.  There’s a song Mom used to sing that goes, “One step at a time; only one step at a time.”  Can’t remember the rest of the song, but that part definitely applies to the beeeyouteefying of this house of ours.