This is another day of being thankful for the age of the internet.  I’ve been gathering ideas and stuff for the house, but gathering is SO much easier when you don’t have to run hither and yon.  Mom always told me, “Let your fingers do the walking.”  She was talking about making phone calls before going to the store, which is a good idea, but phone calls don’t have drool worthy pictures (though when she told me that, internet hadn’t been invented.  I think when I have teenagers, they’re going to look at me and say, “YOU LIVED BEFORE INTERNET HAD BEEN INVENTED?!  Just like I looked at my mom and said, “YOU LIVED BEFORE CURLING IRONS HAD BEEN INVENTED?  Oh, the progression of technology in just a few decades.  However, I’m digressing.  A lot.)

Here are a few of my internet finds that may or may not someday find a place in my house…

Industrial coffee table made from Ikea table.  LOVE.


Another industrial coffee table that I have the wood and wheels and all the other stuff to make, just not the time.  Someday.  Oh, and can one have too many coffee tables?  I’m having to find places to put them because there are so many cool ideas.Original_Ana-White-Coffee-Table-Beauty_s4x3_lg


Sunburst mirror DIY because DIY is how we roll.Sunburst-Mirror-Rustic-Beam-Mantel-Fireplace-Makeover


And this porch rail because that will be a summer project, and I like this pattern.


And this painted porch floor for same reason as above.


This pendant because I just picked up three insulators just like this at a garage sale this morning for $0.25 each.  Booyah!


And so much more.  I now have the ideas.  Now for the time to complete them.

Life is full!