Tracey and Tim celebrated their anniversary this past weekend, so we took their two little, adorable, precocious girls on Friday night.  Seeings as there was a city wide garage sale the next morning, I also decided that I should get some of the older nieces to come along to help (because heaven knows I wasn’t going to miss a city wide garage sale).  And then since some of the older nieces were coming, I decided that we might as well have a girl’s party and have all the nieces over.

So that’s what we did (Caleb was working, so the girl’s night theme worked).


And we had lots of fun.


And I wondered why I don’t do this more often.


I ordered delivery pizza for the first time ever in my life.  That in and of itself was a blessing worth its own post.  (I grew up in the country, so they never delivered, and now that we live in town, we can just drive the three minutes to pick it up ourselves.)

We watched movies.  And the older girls read books in the window seat.


We popped popcorn and watched more movies.  We went garage saling the next morning (except for Grace).  And we had a “tea party.”

Yes, I have the most wonderfullest, amazingest, darlingest nieces ever.  I like them.