I came home the other day to find this on the dining room table…


Now, I know My Man draws because people in his previous life keep asking me, “Has he drawn anything for you?  Does Caleb still draw?  He drew the greatest pictures.”  I can even verify that My Man draws because early on in our dating days, he showed me all his pictures.

Alas, like most hobbies of our youth, the drawing has gotten shoved to the backest of all back burners.  My requests have bequeathed no drawings from The Man.

Apparently, bigger brothers’ requests have a bigger influence.  (I do not say this in jealousy; I just now know who I’m going to go to to request pictures from The Man.)  The Older Brother is working on a pamphlet that needs pictures…enter My Very Talented Guy.

So, yes, I was thrilled with finding his stuff laid out over the table and to see him working on said project later on.  I don’t know why I was thrilled, I just was.


And I was impressed.  You see, my stick figures look bag.  My “birds flying in the air” consist of a whole bunch of “M”s.  Though I have drawn pictures in high school art class, they were tedious and took many hours of copying from pictures.  None of this draw from pictures in my head stuff.  Nope, not me.

Yes, another of the many reasons I love My Guy.