Many moons ago, my dad couldn’t find a job in our small western Kansas town.  The economy was bad; the jobs were non-existent.  (And this was a man who was willing to do anything as we will later see.)


My parents made the extremely difficult decision to leave their life and home and friends.  This was all on the promise of a job a dear friend had heard about.  The job wasn’t glorious, oh no, it wasn’t.  But it was food on the table.

Several months before the family could pack up and move, Dad started his new job.  He woke up around 3:00 AM Monday morning, drove three hours away, lived with friends during the week, and drove home after work on Friday.  He did this all in order to clean toilets in the city parks on minimum wage – and in 1990, minimum wage weren’t much.


You would think that such a job for such a salary would be too low for a man who had, for years, run a very successful, well-paying business.  It would be too low, except my dad isn’t just any man.

All summer, he toiled away under an abusive boss, doing nothing but scrubbing those stinky toilets.  Little by little, he worked his way up.  First one thing, then another.  Years and decades went by.  Years and decades…until he became The Boss.

Now, if he were with me right now, he would say not to call him “The Boss.”  He doesn’t like to lord position over people, but that’s what he is.


The city puts on several events each year, and Dad’s department is in charge of the running of things.  They plan food and fun for people of all ages.  And Dad’s family shows up to enjoy the good times.  There he is, visiting with people he’s met through those years and decades, laughing and having a good time.  But only for a short while ’cause even as The Boss, the man is still working hard and serving people.  Most of the time you’ll find him grilling up the hotdogs or making sure his grandkids are enjoying themselves.


And that’s why I think my dad is the epitome of being like Christ.  Those who are the greatest among you must be the servant of all.  And that’s why I think he’s one of the greatest, most hard-working, humblest man in the world.