I grew up with two sisters and no brothers.  I loved our life in a “girl’s dorm.”  Dad, coming from a household of five boys, probably had to make some adjustments to his lifestyle (yeah, no running around in his underwear anymore), but by the time I came into this family of girls, he had adjusted quite well and actually seemed to enjoy it.  We watched Jane Austen movies; we went to the symphony.  (Though we did love to have a fair amount of John Wayne westerns and old war movies mixed into our movie nights.)


Then these sisters of mine got married.  Before we girls knew it, the boys outnumbered us (though we are dead even right now).

Boys are wonderful, and they’re different.  That’s why God made boys and girls – so that both sides would even each other out.  It would be so sad to miss out completely on this “boy world.”

The brothers-in-law introduced me to action movies.  Not the crazy, far out, gross action movies, just movies with more action than Jane Austen.  I discovered that I like like action movies.

Then there came My Dear, Sweet Man.  He.is.a.boy who did not grow up in a female-majority household.  I am blessed that he is loving and kind and watches my chick flicks with me and has his share of black and white movies in his collection and goes to symphonies – I do not take it for granted.

BUuuut, where I had dipped my toe into the boy’s world before, I am now completely submerged, what with The Man doing his part, and all the nephews growing up and being boys themselves.  (Nephews have, ummm, the extremely inability to NOT talk about or do certain things.)

Anyway, now I have entered into the world of super hero movies.  And I actually like them.

I have now entered into the world of Halo video games.  And I actually enjoy it!  (Though some of the scenes give me motion sickness.)

And I have now entered into the world of UFC fighting.  Umm, ok, I endure that one.  BUT, The Man’s brother brought a UFC video game with him when he stayed with us.  I LOVED IT.  Maybe because I could actually win once in a while.

Anyway, life without boys is fine.  Life with boys is complete.

(Oh, and thank you, Dad, for giving me a love for John Wayne and old westerns.)