I wrote several months ago that I finally bit the bullet and took some cookies to our neighbors across the street so I could meet them.  It was one of the best bullets I’ve bit into.


Well, one of the ladies across the street lives by herself.  She is so sweet and cute.  Shortly after our meeting, “Hello, Tammy!” calls she and she shyly waves her hand.  I trotted on over to chat a while with this new-found friend.

We talk about the weather and all the “normal, hi, how are you?” stuff.  Then she informed me that she was glad that we had met so that we could at least wave to each other.  She also wanted me to “tell your husband – what was his name? – that I’ll wave to him too now, but I don’t want him to think I’m flirting with him.  I’m just waving.  You make sure you tell him so he doesn’t think I’m flirting.”  Ooooh, the properness of older ladies.  I love them.

This past Friday, I came home from work and jogged up the front steps, arms loaded with the usual stuff that mysteriously accumulates in cars.  “Tammy!…Tammy!!”  I turn around.  Yes, there is our dear neighbor on her front porch.

There she stood with a plate full of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate Easter eggs on top.  “I made these for you for Easter.  I hope you don’t think the Easter eggs are silly.  I was worried you would think the Easter eggs were silly.”

No, I did NOT think the Easter eggs were silly.  I thought they were some of the sweetest things in the world, just like our neighbor across the street.