Yesterday was such a wondrous day – it was My Most Amazing Man’s birthday!!!  Now he is only two years younger than me instead of three.  (That young whipper snapper.)

He celebrated in high fashion by spending the morning in class. But then he got to spend some time with “the brother who stayed with us,” so I’m sure it wasn’t too bad a day.

Then he got to spend some time with “the wife who cooks his suppers and cleans his house,” so he would have probably said that the day was at that point made perfect.

We went over to his parent’s house for grilled steaks and all the yummiest of fixin’s and homemade ice cream and cake and strawberries.  (Isn’t the coming of spring SUCH a blessing when you can finally have BBQs again?!  “Such a blessing.  Such, such a blessing,” I murmur to myself.)

We celebrated The Man’s birthday, but the real reason we went over to their house was because Caleb’s Grandma and her husband Tom came from Idaho for a visit!  I was specially excited cause I like them.  I met them almost two years ago when we all went on vacation to Yellowstone before The Man and I were married.  I liked them then, and I still do like them.


It’s been a terribly long time, I guess, since they’ve been to Kansas.  Some of the grandkids who didn’t go to Yellowstone hadn’t seen them in over ten years, they estimated.  So, it was a shock to the Grandmother that some of them (namely “the brother who stayed with us”) were all growed and actually talked.  She kept exclaiming, “I can’t believe that you TALK!  Did you hear that?!  He’s TALKING!  I thought you never TALKED!”  I’m guessing he was one of the quieter kids in the group of nine.


So we all visited and ate and played games and, of course, the main attraction was the new great-grandbaby/grandbaby/niece.


So that’s it for today’s blessing (which is really a lot) – My Man’s birthday and the blessing of in-laws who I enjoy being with (even “the brother who stayed with us” who finally learned to TALK!).