Yesterday was one of my favoritest holidays of all…EASTER!!!  I heard a radio sermon last week saying that Easter could actually be considered more important than Christmas (iffen you wanted to compare the two).  Our God could have been born here on earth, but if He died just like thousands of boring, dead ol’ other gods out there, His being born wouldn’t have mattered one diddly squat.  It’s the power over death that gives us hope that He can provide power over OUR death when that moment comes.

We went to church with Caleb’s family.  This event I did not document with my camera a.) because I  would find it very awkward taking pictures in church and  b.)  because we thought the service started at 10:30 when, in fact, it started at 10:00.  I were embarrassed.  Caleb and his brother Nathan who is staying with us were not.  Typical.

After church, we headed on over to my parent’s house to spend the rest of the day.  These times are precious and pass all too quickly.

We ate, of course…


IMG_5072We played outside in the beautimous, sunny weather.  Numerous kids begged for tire swing rides from the uncles and cousins…






Some of us played what we called football.  Ummm, yeah, Caleb was the only one who knew what was supposed to happen.  The rest of us just yelled stupid numbers before shouting “HIKE” and ran around trying to catch a ball in bare feet and dancing jigs when their team made a “touchdown.”  *ahem*  I shall refrain from sharing WHO exactly the jig dancer was (except the jig dancer also tried to do a celebratory chest bump with her ten year old nephew who is now probably scarred for the rest of his life).





Anyway, moving on.  We treasure hunted in mom and dad’s barn and most everyone tried their hand at opening an old, rusty safe.  It would not yield even when my sweet mother took a hammer to it.


IMG_5123Then there was the Easter egg hunt, with even a big boy getting in on the fun.







And we celebrated all the family spring birthdays that have been accumulating the past couple months.


Yes, I am grateful for the blessings of family, time spent together, and, most important, of the hope we have because of The One Who gave us hope of victory after this life.